Monday, March 28, 2011

Debaran Exam Week

There is not a day goes by that I didn't think of you...masyaAllah ayat dia, cinta manusia ingat, cinta Allah?

Musim exam dah dekat, masing-masing dah mula membelek-belek nota, buku setebal 600 muka surat pun bukan main tekun budak-budak ni mentelaah. Nota dalam powerpoint siap di print, sebab malas nak bukak laptop, kalau laptop bukak, rajin lah pulak nak tengok notakan? Silap-silap tengok the notebook. Notebook lah katakan, tapi lain pula maksudnya.

Aku mungkin bukan antara golongan-golongan pembaca buku tebal-tebal berunsur akademik itu, jauh sekali rasanya. I was more on the 'fun-fun guy'. Hopeless. Sehari sebelum periksa baru nak 'makan' nota-nota lecturer bagi. Rajin bukan?

The thing is, kepada pelajar-pelajar universiti, kepada yang ada paper nak kena dudok, All The Best! Kawan-kawan aku dah ada yang periksa dah, so Good Luck! To IIUMians, pegi buat exam elok-elok!

Good luck kepada yang bakal duduk exam!

Chances Are...

Assalamualaikum semua!

Kalau nak tahu, I've got a second chance! Saya bagitau kawan saya tentang ketidakadilan second chance ni. Memang betul pun, bukan hendak kata tidak bersyukur, cuma bimbang bangkit rasa tidak puas hati dikalangan orang lain nanti. Rambut sama hitam (blonde, kaler2 pun ade gak), tapi hati lain-lain, senyum depan-depan, dalam hati macam nak bunuh orang. :) Moga-moga dijauhkan dari sifat sebegini.

Ni dulu untuk masa ni.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Find A Recipe To Cook For Your Family!

Assalamualaikum guys! and girls too :)

Cuti dah dekat, Rabu tu dah last kelas. After portfolio Isnin ni, insyaAllah that's it, kelas dah habis, dah boleh ikut jadual, that is revision week*ehem2!*.

When I was home, I would tune in too Asian Food Channel to watch my favourite cooking channel, Chef At Home! my mom would sometimes joined me and ask what is Chef Michael Smith cooking, what ingredients he uses, and that at that time, I felt like I was the most useful people in the world to my mom. She would later ask me for the recipe. To me, it means Google time!

So, where can you find recipes, there are many sites you can go to, some sites got thousands and thousands of recipes from all over the world. Here are some site you can go!

1) All Recipes (
Here you can find many, too many recipes, you can find any recipes you like, too many tags to help you with finding the delicacies you would want to make. Lasagnas, pizzas, burgers, cakes, meat, turkey everything from Western, Asian, African, Mediterranean, then goes down to countries, just wow! Everything seems so delicious. Try to type in Pizzas then you could find so many pizza recipes, just pick one! You can find through types of dishes like appetizer, main dish, dessert, side dish, drink and everything! All the recipes are contributed by people all over the world, if you want to share your recipes, you could do so! Why not take a look right? Help your mom prepare food sometimes. :) You don't have to be a professional chef to cook!

2) Chef Michael Smith (

He is my favourite chef! Not Gordon Ramsey, he's a cool guy and when he hosted Chef At Home (on AFC), I like straight away. He cooks simple things but boy they are delicious(-looking :D)! In his website, last time you can browse through recipes from his shows, but the new site now didn't. If it did, it only takes certain recipes only. But still, you might want to try something from his cook book. If you watch Chef At Home, his tagline is, 'cooking without a recipe!'. He also has other shows like Chef at Large and Chef Abroad (I think this one is still airing on TLC).

3)Rachael Ray (

Here you can find like, all Rachael Ray recipes from her TV shows! You can watch Rachael Ray on ntv7 I think, morning around 9? Can't remember, anyway, she is an excellent celebrity chef! Go to her website and try her recipes now! Surprise you mom and dad with the recipes you can get here. You can visit her official magazine website too at

4) Kuali (
Why not a Malaysian website right? Although Malaysian, it gives you recipes from other region too, especially Western food recipes. But your chance of finding recipes like rendang, nasi lemak and everything Malay is so much more here!

5) Asian Food Channel (
Don't know where to find the recipes you got from the TV (especially AFC of course), simply go to the website and you'll see many recipes from all the TV shows from many chefs like Michael Smith, Anna Olson, Chef Wan and many more!

There are other websites you can refer to if you think buying food magazine is a waste (yes I think it is quite a waste, find it online is cheaper!). If you are super duper lazy, the answer is Google!

The Legends

There are things I found interesting enough but not so much I wanted to pursue, believe it or not, I love legends. I came to think, there are something behind those legends because without it, stories cannot be made. Bak kata pepatah Melayu, kalau tak ada angin, masakan pokok bergoyang. Hahaha. Arthurian legend is one of the things i found interesting, when I got home, I find myself looking at the TV schedule to see if anything about King Arthur will be aired. I was still in primary school when I was introduced to Arthur, and of course Merlin and the famous Camelot. It's still interesting although some findings revealed by historical researcher were bound to clash! I've watched a documentary from National Geographic about Arthur, there are three possible 'Arthurs' that they came down with. But then, as they try to proved whose Arthur, they went back to nobody. It could be a tale tale, like fairy tales to us, Arthur was just a fairy tale for those people in the pa
st. He was introduced in old book like 'Historia Regum Brittaniae' or History of the Kings of Britain'. Some find them in literature. The characters carved through many old historical facts gathers from poems, inscription, and books. Some argues it was just another legend, but Arthur was the most famous legend in Europe. Some says 'Arthur' was just a name made up referring to some else--as gallant, as kind, as just as he is in the legend.
The Legendary Excalibur, artist impression only :D

Well of course this is not my attempt to bring though new insights. Haha, I'm just saying, I love this legend. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, Excalibur, Lake of Avalon, Albion, and some names you might know like Sir Lancelot or Guinevere or Morgan Le Fay or Mordred, Merlin and some you might not know like Elyan, Percival and Gwaine.

If you follow the TV series 'Merlin', you'll find that some facts are jumbled up. But it's still fun to see but don't get confuse, the TV series was just made to suit what's best for the ratings. Haha! It's not a historical documentary, it's a TV show so don't get made with that.

It's not that I'm not interested in Malay legends like Mahsuri, and maybe Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang legend, who knows what we can find right? But how many are there willing to sacrifice their time to dig deep into these legends? Unlike the Western people, we Malaysian couldn't care less to know why the legend come about. That's why our history class is so boring that I am always sleepy or drawing when my teacher taught History in front of the class. So boring.

That's all people!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Strikes Of Bad Luck

Assalamualaikum, hai semua!

Hari hari Jumaat, Friday (but I won't be missing miss Rebecca Black, no I won't!), internal portfolio day was held today, the first time I was not a part of time. Clearly I don't miss it. Anyway, I would like to congratulates my studiomates who make it all the way through this semester. To Akram, Kamal, Punch, Fatin, Nana, Anis Fadhilah, Anis Fatihah, Maryam, Tikashi, Ika, Ami, Arinah, Kekek, Kak Q, Kak T, Kak Aisyatus, Kak Mas, Ummi, and Eja, congratulations you guys! No matter what happened, you are among the strongest men and women I ever knew.

Later today, after Jumaat prayer, I met this one Sarawakian. I really can't remember when or where I ever met him but he knew I was a Sarawakian. I'm sorry for that guy, Is was his name, and maybe in the future I would see you and we'll talk. I was a bit in a hurry that time. I'm sorry for that.

Am and I went to the Immigration Department at Wangsa Maju today, I was ready to settle everything concerning my passport but to my disappointment, the lady in charge there told me if I were to apply for passport there, it would take more than a week! Or even two weeks! But she was a nice lady, so I didn't go mad of course, she told me to go to the immigration department, Damansara branch, and told me it's quicker if I apply there (not so much though, it takes at least five days because I'm a Sarawakian, Sabahans to might attend to such problem later).

I went back to IIUM, bought some lunch and a yogurt, but I guess the unlucky treat is striking at it's best! I think the yogurt was bad, it's sour of course, but taste a bit differently. I thought it was just my tongue so I drank it anyway, the nest thing I knew, I threw up three times! That was not the best feeling. -___-"

Anyway, I feel better now, so don't worry! :)

Deals and More Deals!!


There's a new deal site I found, called WheeGroup, here, , I think it's new, currently it promotes iPad2, a lucky draw. Purchase for RM0 and wait till the time is up then they'll announce the lucky winner, tell your friends! Hurry! only a day left!

Hello everyone!

Since I'm still awake at 3.30 in the morning and can't sleep, so I thought I'm gonna share to you somethings you might feel a bit unbelievable but it's true. It's the online deals! There are many websites that give you great deals on stuff like food voucher, massage and spa packages, books, hair cuts, and sometimes you might get lucky to get free stuff too! Sometimes the deals go up to 90% can you believe it? Like a training session from RM200 something you can get ot for Rm30 something! Think how much you can save people!

So in Malaysia, I've been looking through finding deals I can get and I've stumbled upon quite a number of, to me, believable deals.

1) Groupsmore (now Groupon Malaysia)
The deals here are fantastic, you can get new deals everyday at really low prices! Click here to register!

There are many exciting deals going on there so better rush! Here,

2) Dealmates

Dealmates are not much different from Groupon, it only introduces one deal per day, however, sometimes you can have free deals too! Just ended was RM 0 for HTC Desire HD, cool huh! Bought the deals for RM 0 (no transaction occurred there! So don't worry!), and when the deal ended, take a few days to process, check your purchased certificate and see whether the winning certificate number matched yours! It's like a lucky draw really! See here to see the ongoing deals!

3) myDEAL
This site is associated with Yahoo! Malaysia, I think pretty new since not much deals have been offered, it offers more or less the same thing like Groupon's but sometimes you can find really awesome deal! Go check to see what deals you can find!

4) Super Deals!
I'm just gonna give you links here, you can check out on you own what they offers!

5) Groupego

I just found this tonight and boy they offers really amazing deals! Register here so you can win free stuff or money, now!Right now you can stand a chance to win an iPad 2 ( here ) and the other one is to win RM 10, 000! (here ). Why not try your luck right?

6) Milk A Deal

This too offers amazing deals, click here to check it out!

Well, basically all these can be made by online purchase, if you have credit cards, or debit cards there's no problem. Make sure you register for online banking services and you're good to go! To find more information on how to buy, how you can use the vouchers after purchasing, don't be shy and click the links I've given you up there. Wait no more! The deals are meant for you!

I think there are others out there but these six to me are the best sites for you to find yourself a deal.

Till next time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balingian~My Home Land

I hereby officially announce that I'm gonna be extending my studies from 4 years to 5 years due to several problems which if you read several posts you might know why.

With that let's move to more fun topics!

I am not excited for the exams I'm gonna take in a few weeks time, well, only 2 papers anyway, but I'm really excited for the trip (updates in a few months!) but most of all I terribly, teribbly missing home and when everything is goes according to plan, no stranded whatever, I will be home.

I miss my family so much! And later on will have like equal time to one semester at home since new semester starts on September (lucky us!). I have plans in mind (disregard all the medications I'm on) to do with my family and my kampong people as well! Haha..

Facts about my kampong, or the district of Balingian. (If you watch TV1, my dad was on TV sometimes around december-january can't really remember, but it's something like Komuniti Bestari thingy)

1) There are prawn season where you can fish kilos and kilos of prawn! For free! Just try to fish it! And if you are not a really patient man like me, buy them for really really cheap price! They are HUGE! (I ate here in university cafe, one very little prawn cost me almost a ringgit!)

2) A bridge was constructed to connect Balingian and Kuala Balingian (refer to GooglMap if you like :D). Before any road was constructed, we need to go by boat, or sampan and that took I think nearly two hours. After the road was done, but the bridge hasn't been completed, there's this uncle (my relative) who built man-made ferry that can carry one car at a time or 10 motorcycles at a time, the fee was RM1 per motorcycle, RM10 per car. Once, an owner forgot to pull the hand break and while crossing the river, the car simply slide into the middle of the river! That was the biggest news of the year!

3) For now, Balingian has four primary schools; SK Parish (my school!), SJK Cina Balingian, SK Kuala Balingian and one more school I can't remember what name -____-". My school was supposed to be re-named to SK Orang Kaya Abang Haji Sulaiman (suppose to be our ancestral origin as Melanau Islam) but then I don't know what happened. (I was a kid back then so clearly I don't really want to know why, I'm just not as curious)

4) A new road leading to Bintulu is still under construction, if using the main road we have now, it took nearly 3 hours to go there. If the new road is complete, it might took only an hour and half. I usually fly from KL to Bintulu and vice-versa so I really hope they will complete the road sooner.

5) Core area of Balingian has 5 kampongs altogether, Kampung Baru, Kampung Lintang, Kampung Masjid (my kampong!), Kampung Pulat and Kampung Suyung. In Kuala Balingian there is only one kampung which is Kampung Kuala Balingian.

6) Although there are many different kampongs there, a lot are actually branching from the same family, a lot blood-related and connections from marriages. I have a big family tree in my house and from there I saw generations and generations of earlier villagers and form that actually we're a really really huge family!

7) Melanaus are famous for Sago, and we (of course the elders and those who learnt how) make sago beads (in Malay just sagu) as well as tebaloi. For more info on tebaloi, click here . Sagu can be eaten as it is, my favourite would be eaten with banana. Tebaloi is sweet, it's like crackers, normally shaped in squares. You can find in different colours but mostly yellow and green.

8) Of course you'd sometimes listen to the stereotypes, like people in Sarawak live in the trees, we don't. Now, Melanau houses are quite the same with Malay houses. If you go to Sarawak Cultural House you will find a tall house and that was the traditional house. My house is not like that! Haha. So strereotypers, if you think we live on the tree, check again, if you have the internet or money to come and see for yourself. (what's wrong with living on the tree anyway? It's eco-friendly!)

9) I love my kampong, although some thing changes through time, there are so many things that can endures the challenge too. :)

These are just a few things about my kampong. Till next time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What The Fudge???

We celebrates Juju's birthday yesterday, I was in charge of buying the cake. Haha. I almost got her Chocolate fudge but then I thought, is a fudge a cake? It looks like a cake, circle and everything, but I was not convinced, I don't think a fudge is a cake.

So what is a fudge really?

A fudge is a confectionery, it's Western. It was derived from tablet recipes (which is also a kind of confectionery, originate from Scotland). Tablet is hard and sugary, but fudge is softer than that. I had no idea what fudge like although I read Harry Potter like a thousand times, it's not a recipe book, but he likes home-made chocolate fudge Ron mom's make. Well, just think that a fudge is a kind of candies or chocolates, NOT A CAKE.

this is a fudge, rocky yeah, but sometimes it can take a form of a cake which can be confusing really -_____-"

Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm trying to write using html code, you know, just to try and see how fast I can understand how to use the codes, and later on maybe writing my own code for my own website *praying*. I'll see you later ok!

You Guys...

Of course my friends have my best interest at heart, although than my family for sure, but they are like my family as well. Far from my intention to break or hurt your hearts dear friends, I just thought I should do what I should do.

I can't explain it to you guys for sure, I won't eat my heart out for what you think of me, I accepted that a long time ago. I don't care what you think of me because you guys are like my best friends. Some things are worth sharing, some others aren't. When the time comes, I'll explain everything to you guys, everything.

For now, as much as you hate what a pain in the ass I've been, please be happy for me.

You guys have always been best buddies. Thank you for that. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

If Time Is What It Takes.....

If time is was it takes for this to recover, then time it is that I need right now.

I need to let go some of the things in my mind
I really do
If I try to do it in between some other things
I can't concentrate
My judgement would be unfair

If time is what it takes for this to end, then time it is that I need right now.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Aku sangat suka mengingati kisah lama, zaman aku kecik-kecik, zaman-zaman innocence lagi -___-" erk! Teringat dulu masa tu masih tak pakai glasses, mata masih sihat, boleh lagi lari-lari terbangkan layang-layang. Fuh! Mintak kebenaran bapak nak pergi berenang kat sungai, pergi tangkap angsa lepas tu kurung die dalam reban buatan sendiri (nail-less! haha). I miss my childhood. Really. I miss those moments a lot. I jsut hope that maybe someday, I can live in my hometown, never to leave it again. Live there my whole live. I'm 20. And I've spent almost half of it elsewhere. Pretty much my entire teenage and adult (eh!) life I grow in the city. I wish I can be that village boy, like my other friends, or like my older brother. I wish I can turn back time.

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Have No Heart

If only you can feel what I feel, you'd say sorry to me right away. You wanted to share, meh, aku bagi ko sikit penyakit ni. Ko igt aku nak penyakit? I told you my condition, why is it so hard for you to understand? If you think I'm kidding, you go to hell. You don't have a heart. Your words, mean nothing to me now. I have no respect for you.

Bebel Lagi: Kudrat Ke Mana?

Termengah-mengah ke kelas. Jalan sikit dah penat, berpeluh banyak. Sampai kelas, energy dah hampir ke zero balik. Nak recharge balik ambik masa. Dulu suka berjalan ke kelas. Macam nak berlumba berjalannya. Terkejar-kejarkan kawan yang dah jalan kat depan. Mampu lagi. Sekarang dah tak larat, serious. Tak sanggup nak jalan ngan Akram, tak nak slow him down. Bukan tak nak jalan ngan dia sama-sama dah, it's just that I don't want to weigh him down. It is not a race, but life is more important that race. And I don't want to be the stupid bastard or anyone pain-in-the-a**.

Sekarang kerja group. Ada dua group. So persaingan memang kuat. Suka tengok semua bersemangat to outrun each other, tapi betullah caranya. Takde laa yang dengki antara satu sama lain. So nampak dua-dua group semua berkumpul macam nak main rugby, sedia bertempur dekat padang. Mampus laa aku yang kurus ini -____-".

Tapi sayang, aku rasa macam kurang ocntribution dalam group. Aku rasa macam I'm the weight in the group, and with all the work to be done, I'm the additional burden. Aku tak nak menyusahkan sesiapa, memang aku tak nak. Dengan moodswing aku yang tak tentu pasal, dengan darah yang tak brape nak stabil, haish....sorry laa eh kalau aku menyusahkan korang. I really don't mean to be a burden to you hardworking people.

Mungkin mulai sekarang ni blog ni bercampur sikit bahasa dia. Bukan nak langgar language rules or anything, tapi aku rasa lagi selesa. aku bukan loh orang puteh kan..hahaha...walaupun aku bukan juga orang melayu, tapi kalo nanti aku tulis dalam bahasa Melanau payah pulak kan korang nak paham. Google translate pun tak bole pakai..haha

So aku membebel lagi -___-". Jumpa lagi.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bebel In Malay: Minggu Pra-Pendaftaran

Minggu ni hangat isu pre-reg (pre-registration utk next semester) kat UIA. Semua orang sibuk berebut seat utk subjek universiti. Kalau tak dapat ambik, bukan main mengeluh. Haha. Seronok tengok gelagat orang yang naik ambik skills, macam berenang, photography etc. tapi alih alih tak dapat. Nak ambik cooking pun penuh, haa...ambil la benda-benda mencabar sikit kan? Tapi aku, aku sekadar pemerhati semua tu. Aku tak dapat buat pre-reg T___T...sobs sobs.

Kenapa aku x dapat pre-reg?

Sebab aku tak bayar yuran UIA lagi. Unlike beribu students kat UIA ni, tambah lagi U dkat luar, aku xde pinjaman apa-apa, xde scholarship pun, semua yuran kena settle sendiri (buat masa sekarang la, tengah tunggu result ptptn minggu depan *finger cossed!*). Malangnya bagi orang-orang macam aku, memang setiap kali tak akan dapat pre-reg. Lagi satu berita aku dengar dari kawan aku, skarang ni UIA enforce kena bayar hutang 100% baru bole open block (block ni mcm satu dinding yg xbole lepas, kalo xbyr yuran until certain time, kena block la,dengan erti kata lain tak bleh add subjek ape sampai laa selesai hutang, even sampai next semesternye pun). Dulu kalo balance under rm300 bole lg, tapi semalam kawan aku bgtau office bgtau die yang kena selesaikan 100%, kalo baki sploh sen pun xbleh. Amboi UIA, x nampak ke-UIA-an kau disitu. Suka aku nak nyatakan, diorg kata student kena jaga nama UIA, tpi kalo employees UIA sendiri x nampak UIA macam mana?

Bukan nak kutuk ke apa. Yang kesiannya student jadi mangsa. Korang xkesah la, korang dah keja, xde mende2 block-block ni yang kalo seriu sgt dah boleh meng-extend-kan tempoh aku blajar. Kecewa sedikit disitu. Aku dah determine sgt nak ambik ptptn, kalo boleh memang nak avoid, tapi dah jadi macam ni dah xde pilihan lain. Tapi kalo xdapat gak, hah UIA, banned laa aku dari UIA ni.

Bukan nak salahkan siapa-siapa. Tapi mane tolerance nye kat situ eh? Mane value-value yang nak sgt diorg terapkan kat student, tapi x brape nak terap kat diorg punye kerja ah?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post In Malay: Marah!

Pernah kan ter'snap' tiba-tiba? Bayangkan tengah-tengah kita buat kerja, orang lain buat sikit, tapi kita diam je. Tak ada rasa nak tegur diorang, rasa macam, ala, biarlah diorang main kat situ, bagi release tension sikit. Tak pasal-pasal kita yang tension kan? Dah lama tu diorang bising, tak reti-reti nak diam, tak reti nak consider orang lain tengah try nak khusyuk buat kerja. Payah laa macam tu kan? Dah tu, tak semena-mena datang angin masuk, tiba-tiba tengking-tengking diorang, marah gila aah...Pernah kan semua rasa macam tu?

Aku memang tak suka marah, especially depan orang ramai, depan kawan-kawan, apatah lagi depan orang yang aku tak tahu. Pernah terbayang nak maki-maki orang? Tentulah aku pernah. Macam setiap kali. Setiap kali orang berleter sikit, aku dah imagine dalam otak aku situasi aku pergi hembur dia balik. Of course laa aku terbayang-bayangkan. Nak dijadikan cerita, suatu hari ni, aku tak tahan. Walaupun nenek aku tak pesan banyak, tapi aku dengar jugak orang lain punya nenek punya pesanan kan. I snapped. Aku marah. Dah jadi, nak buat apa kan. Tapi aku takde laa pegi tengking sebut bende pelik-pelikkan...hahahaha...takde2, aku lepas aku rasa pada tahap slow, tapi aku memang rasa marah. (Harap-harap yang mendengar tu takla kecik hati)

Yesterday was not one of my best day.

Haritu jugaklah aku diberitahu tak bleh nak ambik darah dulu. Penat. Hari tu lah program Archimic terpaksa kena postponed, biarpun dah start jalan dah, speech En.Presiden dah--gara-gara sikit orang datang ke program. Tak ke sedih hati kan? Hari tu jugaklah kena hambur dalam studio. Kerja xcukup memuaskan. Lecturer cakap rasa macam nak koyak kan je (cliche sangat!). Hari tu jugaklah aku naik angin tak pasal-pasal.

Selalu ke korang nampak aku marah?

Sharing Is Caring :)