Sunday, January 30, 2011

The One With Semester Break

Ohhh....semester break. Thought it would be fun eh? Nope. Not really. What fun is not going to any lecture, but still, you always had work to do. The only thing is to choose between doing work, or not doing them. Yeah, notice the work is not "it", but "them". You do the math.

I kinda wish this break can give me something else to do. I miss writing stories actually. I really do. Though I rarely finish any of them, but at least I got my ideas written down. So I think I'm gonna write something. In this week. After I finished with my assignments. And when I have finish watching Friends. And The 10th Kingdom. And then I'm gonna write.

Ok. See ya then.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One With The Monday Blues

Monday // Presentation Day + Site Visit @Kampung Baru.

We started today's class with presentation, and yes, I didn't complete my work. I didn't colour my axonometric drawing, and for sections, elevation and perspective, I didn't go for a good colouring tecnique, but mostly 'cincai2' (messy) one. I was frustrated. But I actually had fun with this project. I'm not satisfied with how it turned out to be, but yet again, I think this is the best project I've done so far in my whole design life. I love urban design. I don't want to brag, I'm still a learner. Forever a learner, we are.

Some did have a little bit of fun, or at least good time during presentation, and some may not. I see a friend of mine cried today. I didn't feel good about it. Somehow it felt like, even with a very few amount of us in the studio, did we help each other out enough? Or did we help them at all? Know ledge is suppose to be shared didn't they? I feel obligated to share every single piece of information I have (the good ones!) to people. And if somehow my colleagues are not doing well, am I being selfish? I wish I could help everyone out. Every single one who needed help ( I need help too =.=") but then again, we help each other out through tough times.

What I want is for everyone in my studio to be happy. I want them to go beyond their thinking, reaching what they couldn't reach before. I want them to know that everyone of us stood up for each other, we're willing to help each other out anytime anywhere. I want that. I want to build the bond between us, I want to re-establish the relationship we all had before.

So if you're in Studio Kecil (you know who you are), we are strong in our own way. Don't forget that. I love all of you. I hope you love me too (:DDD).


Friday, January 21, 2011

Money is the Source of Problem. Hands Up. Anybody?

Yesterday was suppose to be our presentation day but since all of us didn't finish our board, so we were given (out of mercy) until Monday to complete everything. Given time, I'll keep my finger cross I'll do just fine. Please.

There's so many things in my head in the moment that I don't know what to look to more. What to think more what to keep back for a while. So I really don't know. I think I screwed up somehow. Did I?

I want a perfect life but it's not a really achievable thing is it? for now? Then the next best thing is the closest to a perfect life is to me, living carefree with no interest in money! Ever heard money is the source of problem. I know I have, and now I know how.

Ok guys. Leave you at that, see ya.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letting The Curly Bits Out

Hey there!

There are too many things in mind right now...I have to let out a few so I can concentrate on my work. So bear with me for a little while :D

No.1 - People says your college life should be something that you enjoy, something that you would look back to when you are already in the working environment, or something that reminds you a lot about how life can fun in some ways. I feel fun, I do. But only when I'm with my friends, hanging out with them, when we chat, when we talk, when we organize program and so on. But when it comes to doing work, there is no fun in it anymore. We used to have fun doing our projects, but now it's just gone. We should have been laughing, joking around even while we're drawing the trees, tracing whatever it is needed to be traced; but now it's just - nothing. I wish we had those moment back. Isn't learning suppose to be fun?

No.2 - I thought going to colleges would be I've got to choose my identity. I can go on with long hair for example. But clearly not. I feel like going back to secondary school again. I like long hair, but not long enough that I can be a model for shampoo commercial, it's just nice as it is. But you know, I think they're just jealous that I have a really nice hair, very straight hair, 'guna jari pun boleh' (use finger also can - very direct translation, from a commercial actually, I mean the Malay one) kinda hair. Hahaha. I cut it anyway just to stay away from being targeted as 'bad-ass student' (although I would really love to give them some piece of my mind) and then make my life miserable.

No.3 - If this is how it is 'here', then I wouldn't have gone to 'this' place in the first place.

Just a little piece of my mind for today :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

To Be, Or Not To Be (Angry)

Hey guys.

Maybe later on in our lives we're gonna face with 'real problem' not a mere 'assignment-tak-siap' (unfinished assignment) kinda thing, but something even more serious like you don't do this, you're fired. Yes, that kinda thing. But if we couldn't cope with something very simple very easy to handle, just don't say anything about wanting bigger problem. Some people like bigger problem, they like challenge. Most people avoided them. Living care-free, problem-less.

Why I'm bringing this up?

I don't wanna say much, but being given a responsibility is not a one person thing. A Prime Minister or President is not a one person thing. It's inclusive of all people under the governance of the leader. If a leader couldn't handle his follower, or people under him, then he's a failure. And later in the hereafter, he will be questioned about his leadership. Did he lead right? Or wrong? Or just passable? Oh no, there's no passable there.

Maybe I was too soft, but I don't want to be too strict at the same time. Everytime I raise my voice for anybody (except my little brother and sister, which by the way I enjoy) else, I would feel very very guilty about it. I like to talk, I like to make jokes and be so cool, be so problem-free-like guy and all. But sometimes, I do go angry. And some people are lucky when I can still contain my anger (which I hope to continue to hold it up and release it somewhere else like going for karaoke or something! HAHA!). Some people may not be so lucky. And for that I'm sorry.

To Be, Or Not To Be Angry

Being angry is sometimes a choice, we can control ourselves. Yes sometimes we snap, but if we can contain it, try to contain it. Let it out somewhere else, but not by punching walls, or doors, or anything.

OK guys, see you later.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming Up Next....


I've been learning a bit on this very very puzzling, complicated, brain-aching html and css coding thing. I want to make this blog a bit better so maybe in a month I will come up with a better layout for this blog. I will not make it as boring as this one(haha!) and I will put up a lot more pictures in my posts.

I will still be updating this blog from time to time. So be ready to be bored :D

See ya!

The Transition Period

Hi guys!

Just some fun facts about the transition time from 2010 to 2011...

1) you still sometimes write date x/x/2010 although it's already 2011;

2) it feels weird to refer something's happening in November or December as last year, and you started to calculate in which year it actually happens;

3) in December 2010, submit assignment next year it feels like you have a whole lot of time even though it's just a one week duration assignment;

4) you start making plans for next year, but for real, is it really working? (tell me if it works);

5) some may find new year is a time to re-brand themselves (unlucky to those who didn't look awesome after the 'makeover');

6) some may get a bit cocky, because you know, 'I'm a senior' (especially in schools, university starts in July, so they get cocky around that time);

7) you find buying mobile phones at the end of the year is cheap, wait until new year comes, it gets cheaper (can't blame anyone, technology grows so fast; oh yeah, blame the developer).

That is as far as I can think of right now.

See ya.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello peeps!

I think it's only appropriate to update my blog about now(new year's resolution: update blog regularly!).

Another year has passed, a new year came by, hopefully with lots of good things. And seeing the weather today is so good, I guess it's a good start. Happy New Years 2011 to you guys out there, and I hope whatever your resolutions are; try hard to achieve them!

New years resolutions are one of the things people talk about during the new year's celebration. I won't say I don't have a definite things to achieve, but I don't quite like to categorized it out as '2011 Resolutions'. But then, it's a thing and a lot of people do it, so it's up to you guys weather to be straight and neat; write down your resolutions, live it, and achieve it. As for people like me, we go with the flow!

That's it for now! Have a good year ahead!

Sharing Is Caring :)