Monday, August 30, 2010

Green-eyed Monster

It is often happen that, your friend did much better than you are, and you felt jealous bout it. There is nothing wrong though about being jealous, as long as you have full control over that feeling. Jealous can be very helpful sometimes, but without control, jealous can be dangerous. It leads you to envy(hasad). How is jealous ever be good for you? Here's how. When you saw your friend did well, be it in drawings, designing, running, acting, in academic whatsoever, you should use your jealousy as a catalyst for yourself to improve, to be up to your friend's level or better than he or she is. So, no worries about being jealous. It's natural, and it's harmless when you know exactly how to deal with it.

The next question is, how can jealousy be dangerous? First, when you see your best friend got number one in class, you were number two. You got beaten by him or her. You feel like you're no longer the best, you wanted to always be on top but he or she beat you. You are jealous of him, now getting all the congratulations and praises. Then you hated them, you don't want to be friend with them, you spread words around, like they cheated in exams. What become of you two then? Enemy?

Some says jealousy are hard to conquer, it really depends on you yourself, how to evaluate it. If you mean 'conquer' by suppressing the feeling itself(which to me is very impossible), then yes it is hard. But if you mean 'conquer' by controlling it wisely, then it is not hard at all. The important key is you value others more than yourself, but at the same time, you evaluate yourself on what need to be improve.

My friend is a better designer than I am, a better student, good at drawings, and colouring. Am I jealous? Yes I am jealous of what he's capable of. But it doesn't mean that I'm gonna struck a knife down his throat or spread lies or ignore him for the rest of my life. It actually help me to be a better person. I learn from him as at some part he learns from me. Do you know a jealous person is called by Shakespeare a 'green-eyed monster'? Do you want to be a green-eyed monster? Value your relationship with others, and that will help you get through jealousy. And in the end, you like being jealous, you like to compete in a healthy race with your friends, or others surrounding you. :D

p/s-I joke with my friend if I'm jealous. It's a good thing though, for as much as all the crappy things I said to him, I'm actually proud of him. :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This is my first trial to draw comic strips. I like to draw very much. My sketchbooks are full of drawings, even though they're meant for taking notes in the first place. But my hands can't hold off the 'burning passion' inside of me.HAHAHAHA.What burning passion? XD

This is just for fun, just to comfort myself sometimes.

So guys, enjoy 'Danny'.

p/s--I tried very hard to make him as cute as possible, so if you see him look different in the future, you know why. :D

No Reason To Be Quiet About It

It's been a while since my last post. Have been busy lately. With busy scheduled, every second counts. Every second wasted feels like losing a dime. Imagine wasting an hour for nothing worth it? Aiya~

Today morning was supposed to be presentation day, but most of us didn't finish our work. What's the problem really? Is it time? Too little time, or too much time wasted? Or is it just us, being lazy? Oh man, at one point I'm a bit frustrated of myself. This has been trending in our studio. I cannot blame my friends. I cannot blame the lecturers. I see all of them work really hard on this project, but there must be some thing missing that made us really really slow worker. Maybe it's true what our studio master said;

'I see you work hard, but you didn't work smart'

And just how the h**l is working smart?

I was so psyched earlier this semester, my intention was to break the walls in front of me, to reclaim back pointers I'd lose. I want to put up a fight for what's good for me. But it's like one thing after another. Last year, studio feels like home, it's a really inspiring place to be, seeing friends really drilling on the drafting table pouring their thoughts into the design. If last year we had a very good time, knowing each other better through times we spend all day and night in the studio, this year it's gone. The studio is locked from 11 pm until morning, and even weekend if you don't get the official permission(and that is through submitting forms, my God!).

I wont blame this either, but I think at some point, mutual understanding is important among students and the officers. Students(especially design students) need a proper place to do their work(drafting etc.) that is the studio. And if we ever need to get back to the mahallah(or hostel, in case you don't have a clue) at 11 every night, do consider supplying each and one of us a drafting table in our room for a change. I'm not saying that this is a major problem, but this is indeed a distraction. Just imagine when you were so caught up doing your work and all of a sudden some one switch off the lights, how do you feel? Feel good? Definitely not.

I heard this matter was already taken to the higher level in the faculty, but then shut. I don't know why. I guess we need to be more persuasive. Mutual understanding. For whatever reason they come up with this ruling, I hope it is not from general conclusion from the behavior of one or two students(i.e. one students sleeps in the studio, then all studio got shut).

When there are a lot of work to be done, with studio locked, this happens. Troubling isn't it?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here Comes Ramadhan

Ramadhan has finally arrives. With both my hands open, I welcome Ramadhan back. The month of blessings and opportunity to do more good with more rewards. Are we going to grab the opportunity? Or are we gonna let it go that easily? This year I want to be better than last year, how much better? I think I'm just gonna leave it at that, not gonna elaborate more.haha..

Guys, have a good Ramadhan, fill it with good deeds and good things, remember, the Syaitan might be chained, but not your desire. Fighting your own desire would be hard as well, so take this month as a very very open opportunity to learn how to control it. And fasting is not only about not eating and drinking in the day until Maghrib, but also to observe other things as well, your eyes need to fast, your ears, your mouth, basically everything.

So, Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting! May this month brings you more blessing from Allah. :D

Friday, August 6, 2010


Alhamdulillah. This week is finally over(counted until Friday because classes end that day :D). With all the redo-s to do, as well as choir practice, and other assignments, it's a totally busy week. Again. But I think we did great. Thanks to group efforts. Without it, nothing will ever be accomplish, especially when we work in a group.

We didn't win the competition, not in top 3, I think we got no.7 and 8, something like that. But it's fine, because it's fun. With very limited time to practice, I think we already did our best to pull the songs together. I'd tried to upload the video up here, but it's a long wait to upload. so, check my fb page, I'll try to put it there. :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wife Material

I come to think, all this while, this is a time to stop playing around, get into serious stuff, things like that. But I never really did that.

I saw a friend wrote about some serious stuff, I like her opinion. And I want what she wants. I know time in university is suppose to be used for learning, but not necessarily only formal education. Some things can't be learn from book, some things need to be gain from experience, from doing things beyond just normal curriculum, or even co-curriculum prepared by the university. We learn things from everything that happens around us. Everyone knows that.

Do you know what I want? I am not afraid to tell you. I want a wife. A good wife. Who will guide me, and I'll guide her. I will protect her, and I want her to protect me too. She, who accepts me and my family, and I will always accept hers too. And she will want to compromise, as I would like to compromise. She will bring our children, as I will forever do. She who loves me, as I will forever love her. And she who promise to bear with me in whatever happens, good or bad, as I will forever bear with her till the end of time.

I didn't mean to sound romantic or anything, but that is the truth. That is what I want. I might look small and immature, but I am that kind of person.

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