Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Assalamualaikum guys!

It's been a while not to post anything here. It feels like a ghost town.
Nope, kidding. It wasn't. I got another blog up and running, so I'm focussing on that one. It doesn't mean I've forgotten about this one. I mean, this is my first blog ever, it's gonna stay here. 

I've got a few jobs to do, mostly freelance work of course, and of course, in the design field. I'm not gonna say what, but at least you know I'm doing something. I'm planning something else also in them middle of all this craziness. 

I just finished watching Shameless, which to me is one of the best show on TV (American TV that is, there's no way that show's ever going to be aired in this country). About a very dysfunctional but rather tight knit family and friends. It's heartbreaking sometimes, it's funny, it's serious, full of its ups and downs that you know, a lot of people can relate to. But one of the thing that best describe the show is, 'shit happens, and you just got to rise up from that toilet bowl, and don't forget to flush it'. If you know what I mean.

Well, I should be doing some works. I'm going to be busy Thursday till Friday. I'm going to sleep a few things off. Clear my head off first and start fresh tomorrow. 


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