Friday, May 28, 2010

In Kuching

That was a long drive, poor dad, he had to drive all the way, I just wish I have license, so I could drive, chauffeur them to the wedding this Sunday and have the car to myself..hahahaha...what a plan...Man, all the way to Kuching from Balingian, I felt like the driver, because I didn't sleep, I was singing all the way(some interrupted when my dad broke into conversation), I got nearly 500 songs and only a hundred plus songs were played along the way, which means basically it must take a long long drive to play all the songs I've got~LOL!

Anyway, this hotel is kinda cool, I don't imagine it got Wi-Fi, but thanks! So, I guess this is for today, I'm so sleepy right now..~yawn~zzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Day

For a talented singer, so down-to-earth kind of guy, he should deserve a brand new song specially composed for him. But never mind that, because Lee DeWyze is the new American Idol!!! Well, I was surprise that he wins because genuinely(Simon use this word many times during the grand finale), I thought Crystal would win. Both are my favourites, both are great great singer, and both deserves the spot in the final.

Singing 'The Boxer', which he performed during the Inspirational Songs Week, Lee did much better than before to my opinion, and he never cease to amaze everyone, being so shy and amazing at the same time! While Mama Sox sang 'Me and Bobby McGhee' which was an excellent choice and she nailed it again! In the second round Lee perfomed 'Everybody Hurts'. I thought he was kind of swallowed by the band, sometimes his voice was clear and then got swallowed again by the music but Crystal Bowersox really put her A game on the show, singing a song rather 'allergic' to Simon Cowel(because mostly people killed that song during audition), 'Black Velvet'. Both songs in round two were chosen by Simon Fuller, the executive producer of American Idol. The third round put the two contenders singing their coronation songs, and whoever wins, that coronation will be release as their first single. With DeWyze singing 'Beautiful Day' which was originally U2's song, I think he pulled it off, but not the kind of songs for a winner, and Bowersox singing Patty Griffin's 'Up To The Mountain' which was so emotional and she nailed it, the best performance of the night. To me, Crystal wins all three rounds during the finale, no offense there Lee!

But neverthelesss, America has chosen their winner, and it is Lee DeWyze, with 2% more votes than Crystal, I'd say that was a close call. There are no doubts that both are going to be successful, because they both are great great singer both with enchanting personalities. I can't wait for their album to come out. They are gonna be super great!!! I'm sure this time I will get their albums!!!LOL!

p/s-If you read my blog, you know who I'm rooting for, really! LOL!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Low Ink?


How Zip Can Be Sexy

This is how....

I Got L

I was so over-confident, thinking I could score with lots of reading, still not done..LOL...So today I was rather self-conscious about myself, reading the question carefully and think straight when the question gets confusing...I was so nervous for the result because my cousin pass her exam just once, while I sat for twice, and the thoughts of failing again really succumb me into fear(fuh, too hyperbolic!).

But about 50 minutes earlier, I got a text that says I passed, and well, I am jumping up and down about that, but I sure am very happy....Hahahaha...Thank God, for His blessings, because even if I studied hard, if He says I can't pass, then I can't.....Alhamdulillah....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Simple Message To Noble People

I might be a President
I might be a Minister
I might be an Architect
I might be a Doctor
I might be a Nurse
I might be a Police Officer
I might be a Pilot
I might be a Taxi Driver
I might be a Scientist
I might be a Farmer
I might be an Astronaut
I might be a Designer
I might be an Executive
I might be a Tailor
I might be a Fireman
I might be a Shopkeeper
I might be an Army
Or I might be just another Teacher
Just like you
But I will never forget what you did
You make me who I am now
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart
and Happy Teacher's Day....

Dedicated to all my teachers and lecturers who taught me and still is teaching me, from SeDidik, to SK Parish to SM Sains Kuching to CFSIIUM to IIUM...thank you!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Says Business Cards Are Boring, Make It Fun Dude!

Do you know stumbleupon? It's a website that allows you to find things you might like the easy way. It's fun, you might found some really cool stuff. You know that we have millions of websites right? So, if you use stumbleupon, you will find basically any websites from any fields you like, like Arts, Music, Movies, Tv series and more, so why not check the website and start stumbling!

Here's the new thing I found today, interesting, and wildly creative I must say! ;P

Basta Business Cards

interesting, and funny too!

A business card that looks like a pack of gum.

They better get ready, someone will sue! hahahaha

A recycled business card design

see, creativity don't only work on papers, fabric too...

Reuben's Business Card Face and kids drawing of body

confidence is one of the key to success...matchstick man? at least people know who you are now...I love this, simple and funny! no pressure there!

Stand Up Business Card for Emerson Taymor

sometimes when you feel like your cardholder is too heavy you just throw out some of them right? why not make one like this, can be a bookmark too...;P..nice one....

Viewzi Cool Transparent Plastic Business Card

got big budget just for business card? this is the real deal!

There are so much more to share, but people says, if you give a fish to someone, it will only be for a day, but if you teach them to fish, you'll give him a life-time supply of fish(I don't remember the sentence, but this is pretty much how it sounds like). So, I told you about stumbleupon, why not start by stumbling upon your favorite things, would you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Love A Good Laugh

I always love a good laugh, where I laugh on my own when I read or watch sometihng funny. Crazy as it seems, I'm having ny best time anyway.LOL. I've stumbleupon-ed(Yeah, I made a verb out of it just like facebook-ing, googling etc. you get what I mean right?) a website with good one line( sometimes two) jokes...It's reall funny, I felt it's not fair not sharing this;

So guys, I hope the lines make you laugh, because not averyone like lines if you know what I mean...;P

You Love Humour? Here's One

I promise you good stuff, here's one. I find this very funny.LOL!Enjoy!

See, men out there, you should be a tiny bit more sensitive...then girls will appreciate you...;P

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Stuff Coming Right Up!

It's been a long time I'm not writing, God I really don't know what to do this long holiday...I'm suppose to get a job, but with a month and a half left, I don't really feel like working now...I'm lazy! But I'm totally committed with my pursue for driving licence, although I failed the first test, I think I can score the next, and then practical is in the bag, I'm driving on the road now, thanks for my mom's encouragement despite my dad's don't-really-like-the-idea-I-drove-the-car attitude... Dad, believe me, I can...I haven't scratch your car just yet...hahahaha

Oohh...thanks you guys for following my blog, although there's nothing much of information here, but I promise if I have good stuff to share with, I'l post it right away, don't worry, I've read a lot of good stuff, only I always forgot to write it back. Sorry guys, but I'll find new stuff and post it, see if you love it...;P

Sharing Is Caring :)