Friday, August 26, 2011

When Kids Rush To Grow Up

Assalamualaikum everyone! Happy Ramadhan, which almost ends, and Happy Eid, only days to come!

When kids rush to grow up, they got two ways to end up at; the good, and the bad. I've seen how people change, among my colleagues, among my peers, among my schoolmates, some have done very well growing up, possess qualities of great future leaders, so bravo!

But we've seen through the years social problems occurring in disturbing statistics, teen pregnancies, school drop-outs, it's really disturbing. I have seen that among people closest to me, and it's not looking good. I was sadden by the fact that school children, eager to grow up fast chose the wrong path. Smoking in schools, rude to their parents, dropping out of school and stuff, some are pretty normal stuff while some will blow your mind away.

What's the problem guys?

It's not a bad thing to grow up fast, but a good thing instead. But how they choose to grow up, that is the thing that most kids and teens did wrongly.

Things to remember;

1) Smoking did not say you're a grown up;

2) Having unprotected sex, even having sex at young age, not married, is not legal, Islam forbids that, and that didn't say you're a grown up;

3) Dropping out of school and went to work instead, that didn't say at all you're a grown up;

4) Stealing, robbing, that makes you a convict, not a grown up;

5) Being rude to your parents? That's ungrateful and something you can go to hell of, not at all grown up;

There are more of course, these things up here are pretty much the things that happened the most, so tell your brothers or sisters, and if they ever show you or your parents bad attitude, inject positive things to them, don't yell, don't say anything yet. Take them somewhere, so stuff together, make them feel like a part of you and family. Physical abuse won't get the job them, ignoring do no better than that too, so heal them from the inside, touch their hearts, understand their inner thoughts and feelings, you'll find solution there!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Another year, another Ramadhan.

It's ten days before the end of Ramadhan, but yet I'm not satisfied of what I've been doing so far. Every year at the end of fasting month, I promised myself to do better next year. But so far I'm not going anywhere. Stagnant. Not moving. No change. A little change, but relatively no change.

This year I'm celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan full one month at home, it is great, at home with my family for the first time in many years together for a month. This could be the only year it's got to be like that. It's a shame that my brother can't join us since he has been posted in Johor. Good luck brother, I'm gonna visit you one day of course.

It's been imperfect.

If I could see another Ramadhan, I'll do better.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneak Peek 2: The Day The Earth Was Taken

I've written a few, well, just this morning after sahur I dreamed of alien invasion. It was a really awesome dream, I was never interested in writings about there alien being, but then, I think it would be interesting to write about! Here's a little from The Day The Earth Was Taken, enjoy!


They claimed the Earth was once theirs; left to regain back its life, its resources. Human were unprepared. There’s nothing that we can do. The aliens, they came with peace, but demanding. The human, incapable of understanding the history of these being, opt to attack. And so the war began. But of course when there’s a war, there were casualties, to both side of human and aliens. Only these outside beings, they’ve known us since we don’t even know ourselves. It was too easy, too quick. When human attacked, the alien stroke back in furor and power within days humans were wiped out, not all, those who resisted mostly, and to those who fear their lives taken, they were spared.

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