Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Gossip

I've been hanging out quite a lot this time round with my hometown friends. Even more after we decided to do a 'business venture' together. And yesterday, we talked and talked, and my friend asked me about the gossip she's been hearing. Interestingly, it was about me! I know, I know, it wasn't supposed to be something to be excited for, but I can't help it! :D 

She knew exactly what happened but people kept asking her since we've been hanging around quite a lot lately, but not just the two of us of course, with two other friends. So she when she told me about that I was like, 'I've been waiting for this moment, I knew it will turn out someday'. And yesterday was the day it came to my knowledge. She said when she told them what I told her, they replied that I lied to her. 

To be honest, I have nothing to hide. If they were asking me, I'd told them what happened. I always do when they asked me. But when they don't I won't say anything. I'm not very much of a talker. But of course, people just doesn't want to listen to direct answers from me. They wanted to dig up stories from someone else. 

Like I said, I'm not much of a talker, a conversationalist, so I don't go around telling people this and that about me. Of course I'd appreciate it if they ask me instead of listening other people. But that's how the world work sometimes. You can't have all the things the way you want it. Unless you're a dictator of course. :P

But nah, I don't really care. And since this is kinda interesting for me, so why not blog it? Come on, I'm basically an artist right now, LOL! People gossip about me yawww! :P

p/s-i'm not really proud about that. but i can't wait to prove them wrong :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alternative Reality

I know, I know, there are no such things as alternative reality (maybe some scientist would believe so). But to me, the alternative reality is something that I watch on TV. No, not the news of course, those are pretty much real thing, but the TV shows, the sitcoms, the dramas, all those stuff (except reality TV, although I believe Jersey Shore, Kardashians stuff and Real Housewives stuff is in between lies and over-dramatic scenes).

I do watch a lot of TV shows. I may not watch then directly from TV because mostly I downloaded the stuff and watch them on my laptop, but still, pretty much the same. Now, what's the deal with alternative reality? Have you watch Friends? I love Friends, and sometimes I feel like I wanted to go there and live with them, yeah, I wanna live with Chandler, Joey and Rachel and Phoebe and maybe Ross and Monica... Get what I mean? And then I watch Community, I wanna go to Greendale Community College and join their study group! I wanna be friends with Abed and Troy, have a debate with Jeff and probably mock Britta for whatever she stands for, maybe fell in love with Annie because she's so sweet! And maybe treat Shirley and Pierce with more respect than anyone of the group. 

Call me crazy, but I do feel like that sometimes. I guess, those habit back when I was a child didn't die when I grew up. I mean ,we all when we were kids played Power Rangers, pretended to be them right? No, is it just me? AHAHAHAHA. But now instead of power rangers I go with much more exaggerated human characters. 

Well, whatever it is. I'm still pretty much sane. I can still differentiate reality and TV, but yeah I secretly wanted to be a character on TV.


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