Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short Notes

It's been a long time since my last post, I've been working on a few things on my project; the storyline, the characters, conflicts whatsoever, i just want to make sure i have all the infos i need to make a really good writing, and maybe a good book on the store shelf someday! forgive me...this is as far as i'm telling you, but i will keep you up-to-date on my project! i hope you'll like it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As Soon As I Re-watched 'Confession Of A Shopaholic'~LOL!

I noticed that I often write things, I have inspiration to actually write a novel, but I end up not finishing anything, not even a single completed writing accomplished. And I know the very one reason why. I don’t have anything valuable, worth to read kind of thing in my writings—I called it, lesson. Without lessons, a story is just another story to forget; just another story that people see with an eye, or even not seen at all, it’s like dining on an empty plate in a five star hotel—you felt the experience of a fine dining, but you don’t feel the satisfaction from the food.

A story, a good writings are a combinations of stories and lessons, put together, mingled in sometimes directly to tell you things exactly as it is; or it can be very subtle than you noticed it when you really read and feel the words and the dialogues and the silent gestures you made up in your mind. Savour the moments of reading—it’s a good line, I love it.

I am a man, but I have to admit that most men don’t read, I’m not talking rubbish, I don’t make the statistics too but I pretty much know from my experience. From a little child I am always fond of books. I love a book with a lot of cartoons, words in big-prints and the colours—I just can’t let go. And when I’m big enough to have my own pocket money, going into a bookstore felt like diving in a pool party, or playground, or karaoke box—basically anything fun. I always love bookstores, but I don’t have that much money to buy everything I like, everything I would love to lay my hands on to read. No, I don’t. Easier picture would be, maybe those kinds of feelings the women felt when designer clothes were sold on half-price.

What about them, I mean, the book, what make them so good? I don’t know. I don’t exactly know how to describe them; it’s just felt good and right. I wish I could own them, and be in it forever! I don’t mind that sometimes entering a large bookstore felt like entering a maze, I don’t mind not getting out. MPH, Kinokuniya, and my all-time favourite, Borders, they all got these attractions that are so ineffable!

As much as I love reading and books and writing, I didn’t as much wanted to be a writer. Although I often fantasized of being a famous book writer, and then my books being adapted to movies, I just thought of writings as an activity to fill up my free times. But who knows right? I might end up being a writer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Piece From A Lot More To Come

This is an extract from a little writing I've been doing, just another experiment from me, and I do hope to get some respond from you guys! thanks, and enjoy~

I was just a country boy, no more than that. My younger years spent living in the village, with a whole lot of people and big family. I was joyous and care-free. I was happy and felt love by all. And as a kid, I always wanted fun and more fun I could ever get. Nobody knows I had a dream. I had a mission. I was a bright boy, a top scorer of every examination I sat. I was eager to learn, and my parents were very helpful. I’m glad. I have no brothers or sisters, so I am their only hope, and I was considered as a very good investment and every time I achieved awards, I showered my stakeholders with pride.
So what was this dream I was talking about, what was my mission? You see, I was a normal kid too, I was allowed to watch the TV when I’m done with my homework. But unlike normal kids, I didn’t watch cartoons; I watch what my parents like to watch—the news, the soap operas, the sitcoms so not for children that my mom had to close my eyes with her hands so I didn’t watch those parts(as if I don’t even know what making out is). So I grew up watching the city life, a big city’s life, although, I was quite well to know that some were very fictional(I couldn’t find Gotham city in the world’s map). And that was my dream, a dream later I would regret. But for a country boy like me, I could just picture a whole lot of fun and comfort, not the other side of it.


It's been quite a while since I wrote my last post, but here I an now, just blabbering~LOL! No, I'm kidding, I dont want to blabber, just that over this few weeks, things keep coming and going and leaving and changing and confusing, you know, those kinda stuff that makes your head spins like yo-yo or tops or wheels? I would say self-believe is important, I mean, if you wanna change, you need to believe in yourself so you won't revert back to the original(this goes for bad turns good kind of thing, not the other way round). This is my issue, I don't know what to believe for, I just don't know how to stand my ground, I'm sure if I join a debate team, I would root for my opponents instead!

It's not always I got into this, it's like flu, you don't get it often, but when you get it, it messes you like h**l(I'm not sure flu is the right metaphore, but it's more or less like that). And it's a month before new term starts, but I already felt like it's gonna be tomorrow. It feels like tomorrow I'm gonna jump on that plane, drop at the airport the next minute, then get to IIUM right afterwords. Simple isn't it? Very simple, but when my head starts tricking me into complications, all that seems troubling, problematic, complicated, just like algorithm, or chemical bonds(or chemicals got tangled because they're so messed up if you asked me).

I know there are some people who studied psychology out there, so my question is, is there anything that you study can be related to what I am dealing at the moment? Anything it's called? Or it is just me being stupid?LOL

OK, and wow, I'm just blabbering in the end!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bad Bad Day

I felt a bit under the wheather, yesterday I felt like my head was gonna POP! And then at night my stomach started acting funny, until now actually, darn! I'm so not comfortable right now, and I'm totally not in the mood to write anything, but, I hope I'll be fine by noon, because I can't help thinking there must be something medically wrong with me!

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