Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Walk In The Park

I would have gone to Paris, or London right away if I were in movies. Or I would have just walk in the park alone, seating at a bench somewhere overlooking a green lawn open to running kids, and parents watching them happily on a square blanket. I would have laugh seeing them stumble upon their own feet and cry, and then the parents came and calmed them. I would have seen some old married couple walked hand in hand, though slowly, but that is history in the making for them. I would have gotten some soccer ball accidentally kicked towards me, and I kicked it back to them and heard a very faint 'thank you'. I could have stroll along the lake, see a few man on the bikes, a few adult women who are trying to lose weight jogged and I greeted them. Maybe saw a man rushed and looked at his watch over and over again and whispered I'm late, I'm late all the way.

I would have been very glad to see that. Maybe took my mind off things like work, like drawings. Not that I'm telling drawing is stressful, no, not at all. But doing work is stressful at some point. And since I can't go anywhere but stayed in the studio all the time. I write it out, I write my vision of what I wanted to see to calm myself down from all the work.

I always picture myself walking alone in the park.

I don't know exactly why a park. Not the beach, not the shopping mall. But the park. Maybe even my subconscious feeling leans toward being a landscape architect. And I hope I made it.

What do you picture when you got stressed out?


  1. Hello future architect..
    neway,I like ur imagination! I mean the way how u scrappin'ur stress away..Sometimes...virtual imagination created by the power of mind might give best relief. Like u, I did the same thing whenever I was caught into emotional strain due to tons of works +_+ http://diyahnoh.blogspot.com/2010/09/in-vain-hope.html


  2. thanks diyah.checked ur blog!AWESOME! u r quite a writer :D. i have good imagination i guess, and to calm myself, picturing myself in the park is the best way to let off some steam without actually doing nothing, though temporary, but it works for me. :D


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