Friday, April 9, 2010

Teh 'O' Ice or Teh 'O' Peng

Funny story(to me) when I first came to Peninsular Malaysia and ordered Iced Tea, I told the mak cik, 'Teh 'O' Peng satu and that mak cik ask me teh o what? I forgot. Hahahaha....Well we Sarawakian, in Sarawak always refers 'Peng' as in 'Ice', like Teh Peng, Milo Peng, Coffee peng....geddit? Now that I'm rather use to life in PM, I never had trouble requesting for Teh 'O' Ice....the funny thing is what happen today I ordered to this abang Teh 'O' Ice and it left me pondering a while. I swear I was thinking am I ordering the right thing because it really did sound quite funny, when my dad in front of me ordered Milo Peng...not funny? I told you earlier it's funny to me....:)

But what's the difference anyway, it's all the same case of seeing a glass as half-full, or half-empty, it's just the same....I felt the same way now. On what? On this one particular girl. I keep telling myself ok, 'you're gone', but at the same time I can't get over her...Oh're with someone elso for God's sake I don't wanna get beat up by someone for a girl...It's like it's on the border line of want to remember and don't want to's killing me...softly? No....I think torturing by heart is really brutal especially when you fought alone and no one else is beside you, or know about it, or care about it. Of course she never knew. But someone did knew. :)

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